AALA Review Update
Update on the review of AALA following the HSE Board meeting on 12 September 2018 read more...

SAAF & Scottish Government Open Forums on the Review of AALA February 2018
The Scottish Adventure Activities Forum will be hosting three National forums supported by Scottish Government. We would welcome anyone to attend. Please note, with reference to the new proposals from the HSE review, one of the options may impact on activities and activity providers who previously were not required to obtain a licence.   We would urge […] read more...

SAAF has felt for some time that there would be great value in mapping the depth and breadth of the outdoor sector in Scotland.  The map below was created by Myles Farnbank with support from other SAAF members.


  • Create a ‘complete’ map of the Outdoor sector in Scotland.
  • Aid funding and government engagement.
  • Aid cross sectoral engagement/collaboration.
  • Basis for further research, more detailed mapping.


  • Strategic level – representative organisations that are engaged at a significant level in a particular aspect of the outdoor sector.
  • Scottish Remit – organisations that are UK wide are only included where they have significant activity or representation in Scotland.
  • Groupings – represent the major areas of engagement across the outdoor sector in Scotland.
  • Position of organisations – organisations are positioned where their primary engagement lies.  Recognising that many organisations have engagement across several groupings.  Any organisation only appears once on the map.


The best way to view the map is by clicking the expand button in the top right corner of the map.  This opens the map as a MindMeister webpage on your browser.

When on the MindMeister page you can return to the unexpanded view by refreashing the page.

The slideshow button explores the map each grouping at a time and gives a quick overview of the scope of the map.  Please refresh the page once you have used the slideshow fuction.  The slideshow function isn’t available in the expanded browser view.

Any title in bold shows there are subtopics that can be expanded – click on the grey bullseye symbol next to the title to view.

Titles in bold and CAPITALS are sub groupings where similar organisations are listed together and can be expanded – click on the grey bullseye symbol next to the title to view.

Notes appear as a three line document symbol. Hover over to view the note. It is possible to scroll within the note.

Hyperlinks appear as an arrow symbol next to the title. Hover over to view the url. or click to open the website.

SAAF recognises that this map will never be complete and will need to be updated as required.  We are very keen to hear of any strategic organisations not yet represented and from any organisations who wish to amend their descriptor that appears on the map. Please contact

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