AALA Review Update
Update on the review of AALA following the HSE Board meeting on 12 September 2018 read more...

SAAF & Scottish Government Open Forums on the Review of AALA February 2018
The Scottish Adventure Activities Forum will be hosting three National forums supported by Scottish Government. We would welcome anyone to attend. Please note, with reference to the new proposals from the HSE review, one of the options may impact on activities and activity providers who previously were not required to obtain a licence.   We would urge […] read more...

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July 2017

Follow Up to Open Mtg 30th June 2017

Some useful discussion took place at the Open meeting on the 30th June,

SAAF Open Meeting Presentation

Here is the presentation from the SAAF Open Mtg Presentation held on 30th June 2017

SAAF may be contacted through the Secretary